You wake up early to the sound of birdsong and the waves on the shore.  You stretch slowly, and slip on your sandals and the thinnest beach wrap you can imagine.  You step outside into another dream-day.  Perfect temperature, plump lemons on the tree outside your window, vast blue ocean.  Just in time for the morning meditation session.  “How did everyone get to look so much younger and sooooo relaxed in just a few days?” you ask yourself.

After meditation you run down to the beach, with many of the new friends you have made, and play for a while in the waves. The beach seems like a mirage, which explains why it actually won an award as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Did you know that beaches can win awards?! But these waves are here all day, so now its time for breakfast, from a buffet with all local and mostly organic ingredients. Afterward you rest a while, do some stretching or take another swim. The days seem to go all by themselves outside of time, with no pressure and nothing particular to do.

Then comes the best part of the day.  Mid morning you gather with a group of friends from all over the world, who share one precious and rare thing in common: a dedication to living the deepest and most real love that is possible.  Some are single, and some are couples.  There are people here who are married but came without their partner.  There are people in their early twenties, and a few couples who have been together for more than 40 years!  Together, you spend some precious time diving into the exploration of the Deeper Love.  Commitment, monogamy, fighting, boredom, worship, control, criticism, sex, jealousy … everything gets addressed.  Nothing is excluded.  The group is intimate enough that each person can get the attention they need, and gets just the right personalized practices to slip effortlessly into a love with no limits.

For lunch, you walk down the road with a few friends to a local tavern, where you can enjoy a Greek salad, made with local tomatoes, feta cheese and greens grown nearby.  The topics of the morning session spill over into your lunch time talk… everything serves to deepen love.

After lunch you might take a stroll, go back to the beach, have a sleep… your time is your own.  The couples in the gathering might take time to be alone and close, the single people make new friends by the beach and around the resort.  Later in the afternoon we meet again for another dive into the deeper love:  questions, sharing, practices, breakthroughs.  And then to dinner: several courses, with most of the vegetables grown in the resort’s own organic garden.  After dinner you might linger with friends, take a night stroll, or enjoy a glass of wine from the bar.  And finally you kick off those sandy flip flops and sink back into your bed.

This is not just a dream.  It is a reality coming soon, perhaps for you!  Chameli and I are going to Corfu, a Greek Island, with a bunch of Deeper Love friends this June, from the 18th to 25th, and we’d love for you to come too!  It will take place at Alexis Zorba Retreat: go check it out:  Obviously space is limited, so if you are thinking about it, shoot a mail to Maria Vikman and she will fill you in on all the details.
You can pay your $200 deposit here to secure your place.
And, if you have already bought the Deeper Love Retreat at Home, or if you plan to, you will get a $100 discount coupon that you can use towards your balance.

For more details and the small print,  click here

This kind of thing sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Sun, sand, deeper love, good food, conscious friends from all over the world.  Its time for all of us to upgrade the dream!photos from Alexis Zorba website