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  1. Mary Konrad Says:

    Hello Arjuna,

    I have been involved with the Sedona Method for 6 years now and have pursued some coach training; I am interested in your coach training program which has a clearly outlined process, however, I have not been able to find an up- to- date schedule. I did sent an email but received no reply. Can you please direct me to more information.?

    Thank you

  2. Chris Says:

    Hi Arjuna,
    Like many others I have viewed your video “Dear Woman” on youtube. The discussion that happens on youtube has a lot of noise in it, so I don’t hold out a lot of hope for clarity there. I also think the discussion happening on youtube obfuscates – at least for some – what (I think) the video’s intention was.

    I myself was a resident of Harbin Hot Springs for most of the 80s, a practicioner and teacher of bodywork (shiatsu), and a willing, enthusiastic participant in various workshops held at Harbin and in the surrounding area. Holotropic Breathwork, Gestalt Therapy and Stan Dale come to mind. Those were the most memorable and influential to me. My wife is, in comparison, totally mainstream. I talked her into doing one Holotropic Breathwork workshop with me, but after that she has shown no interest.

    So you can imagine my discussion with her about your video. Her first observation was simply that the guys in it seem “really weird” and she does not trust their sincerity. Then, of course, knowing my history, she says to me, “You wouln’t ever make a speech like that, would you?” To which I immediately reply, “Of course I would!”

    This interaction illustrates what seems to me to be a gap between what I see, given my background, and what a lot of your typical youtube viewers see. I see you and Gay Hendricks making a grounded, sincere statement of intent to heal gender-specific wounds. Others, for whatever reason, do not see this.

    Now here are my criticisms:

    1) I am an atheist. I see no reason to deify masculinity and femininity. These are abstract ideas, and like most abstract ideas, they become less and less useful the more absolute they are.

    This is a critical flaw from the perspective of an analytical examination of your video. It opens you up to criticism from youtube users like Bernie Chapin, who can rake you over the coals and position himself as an advocate for common humanity. That’s not right. Someone who denies the entire ugly history of male supremacy should not be allowed to position himself as the advocate for common humanity in contrast to your gesture of brotherhood.

    2) I think you need to be careful about your historical assertions. Witch burnings are a topic of hot debate, and should not be the linchpin of your historical argument. Male supremacy is historical fact, in recent history as well as right now. Don’t assume you have won that part of the argument, though. You should have solid factual grounding for that before someone starts accusing you of historical revisionism.

    3) It seems to me that you have simply renamed the ordinary “good/bad” dichotomy to “conscious/unconscious”. This really does not work for me in this case, because one of the clearest moral standards we have is that intention is a major factor in moral judgment. It is precisely those crimes which have been (and still are being) committed +intentionally+ that are the most egregious. If we are only to discuss crimes that are “unconscious”, this restricts us to a paltry shadow of the wrongs that have been done.

    4) There needs to be a deliberate consideration of benefits endowed to men by virtue of wrongs done in the past. In the case of slavery and the American Holocaust, it’s easy to see these benefits in material terms. For instance, if I am a rancher making a living from lands that were wrongfully taken from my local indigenous people, the benefits to me – which I enjoy, regardless of my personal complicity in wrongful acts committed by my ancestors – are undeniable and can even be estimated in monetary terms. It’s more difficult to assess the overall generational damage and benefits men have inherited from previous, gender-conflicted generations. It seems to be a mixed bag. But still, the pay gap and biases in education support that material benefits do indeed exist.

    I do hope this is not just more noise.

    Best Regards,


  3. Arjuna,

    I don’t know where else to put this but here. I have looked for more appropriate forum, but can’t seem to find one.

    I appreciated the fundamental message in Dear Woman and would like to actively participate in the “movement”. I am African American and noticed that there was very little representation for my culture. If ever there was a culture in need of getting in touch with the feminine it is mine.

    I believe I could bring a unique perspective to the project if given the opportunity.

    First of all, I am not well educated in respect to formal education. I barely received my diploma for high school and it was an alternative high school at that. I have been self educating ever since, although recently I enrolled in college for a couple of terms. This background allows me an accepted connection with a large number of people in need of the message you are sending.

    Second, I was raised by my father who was born in the 1930’s. I am one of 7 strapping boys. The ideology I was raised on is deeply deeply rooted in the masculine and I would say is at the foundation of the “apology” sent out by Dear Women. Although I recognize (which is always the first step to enlightenment) the unfortunate consequences of such an unbalanced masculine ideology I have given into their nature often throughout my life because it speaks to my masculine nature and fits the logic of that particular energy. Even now, as I seek to become more “conscious”, I still falter. This allows me to identify and empathize with the struggle that men are going through as they too awaken and evolve.

    Third, I have a wife, who is White, and children. Our family is blended from previous marriages with one child between the two of us. My wife and I are constantly working on what it means to be an inter-racial couple with a blended family in today’s society. We are constantly navigating the tricky waters of an enlightened relationship and family unit that continuously under goes the scrutiny of a culture in the throws of a “conscious” evolution. It is that same scrutiny that can trigger the “unconscious masculine” as an archaic form of defense against perceived attack.

    All of these elements combined makes me a unique embassader for such a worthy cause. I can see our culture making huge leaps in progress once the concept of embracing the feminine takes hold, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the time of Sacred Geometry and those that understood the wisdom in balancing the masculine and the feminine in ALL aspects of life.

    I can feel a passion for wanting to bring your message to the people I identify with. I believe it will take a more grassroots or “street” perspective to be able to connect with this part of our society. I am a Black man from Southern California raised in combination with a “country” lifestyle meets urban jungle. My perspective, respect, and identity ranges from traditional to modern. Please do not confuse my writing style with my ability to communicate with a culture and level of male ideology that I feel was disenfrachised by your first run, Dear Women.

    I believe it is going to take people like me to bring your message to the masses of people that can not so readily identify with the more educated, spiritual, European American nature of Dear Women. I am in no way down playing the message or I would not be expressing my interest. I just want to help reach the people who are nowhere near where you are at in their spiritual evolution, but need to be.

    Thank you for consideration.

    Alver Brown

  4. claudia Says:

    I just to want to say thanks, the manifest is so great!. On you tube is not available, please try to put it again is creating a lot of change on our view about relation between women and men. thanks!

  5. Katharina Says:

    I am a member , having bought the Deeper Love Workbook ….I managed to download a few of the Tele seminars , but missed the last one , which was postponed to May 10 th . I cannot seem to find the site to download ..please help ! I also sent a question , but I do not know whether it was answered ? I would like to be able to connect with men, who are also interested in the Deeper Love Work ….. maybe it could be facilitated via your site ?
    I would appreciate a response ! Thanks so much !

  6. diana Says:

    Dear Arjuna, I live in Germany and I was just shocked to see some? Americans getting “high” only because Bin Laden was shot. I just feel something not very civilized in it and I remember what you mentioned about Bin Laden before. What is going on in these people to feel so happy about it? The image of terrorism is used for manipulative creations of fear, also here in Germany. How are you living this in America?
    Greetings Diana

  7. Lori Keeley Says:

    Dear Arjuna~

    From the deepest depths of my heart and soul I thank you so very much for the apology from you and your gender. I am an Energy Healer and your “Dear Woman” video created an immensely deep and intense healing within me..much lieing on the unconscious level for me but the entire video so resonated at the core of my being.

    I’d so love to be in touch with this group of men as a support system for the Lightwork that I offer to this world.

    How can I connect with men of your integrity and vibration, I deeply need to be surrounded by men like you.

    I want you to know that the video and the message is what truly has given me the will to continue on with my Lightwork for this planet.

    I’ve attemped to connect in different ways but to no availe, how do I connect with these men as friends?

    Thank You, I honor you and men like you!!

    Love and Light~

  8. Robert Mykland Says:

    Dear Arjuna,

    I just finished listening to the recording of the Thursday call and was floored and honored to hear you read my question and so eloquently answer it. I wanted you to know that in the spirit of your advice I am fully taking on worshiping the goddess in my girlfriend Jennifer.

    Mostly she appears as a mystery to me, what is behind her eyes that is, but sometimes I feel this visceral stab of delight in my gut as I watch her, and I suppose this is me connecting briefly with her divine presence. It’s almost too much to bear. I will keep at it and try to make some sense of it, or if not sense, then gratitude along with an ongoingly unconstrained sense of wonder.

    As your video was prompted by conversations with your wives, my question was prompted by an interesting conversation I had with Jennifer about the potential tangible contributions of more women’s wisdom in today’s world. She has recently been studying women’s wisdom with Karen Buckley. I felt like something tangible and political should be done, and yet, I’m equally clear that I’m not the leader of that movement.

    Jennifer is in formulation about whether she is going to be the one to step up and be the leader of that. If she does, she intends to do it by transforming the way business is done from the inside out, which sounds like the perfect starting place to me. Clearly Jennifer is one of those kinds of women to watch for all kinds of reasons. I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks again for your excellent coaching and advice. Maybe it really is all we men need to do to be this change we want to see in the world.


    — Robert.

  9. I am writing you after viewing the video “Dear Woman” I have not found another way to make contact re: the video other than here. First of all I want to thank you for the apology to women. I know there is a lot of controversy around the video – but dialog on this issue is good and you have brought this to the surface. It validates the depth of wounds that both men and women suffer. You have taken a step in the right direction your efforts are appreciated by many women. I do want to note that at first viewing the video I was deeply touched, and then the sudden appearance of a woman being burned at the stake and other views of prostitutes for instance, dramatically shifted the energy of joy I was initially feeling. And i wanted to say that I think those shocking views in the video upset the vibration of peace and instead brought reminder of violence against women so strongly that it greatly disturbed me, I feel your beautiful message was at that moment lost. I have spoken to other women and they noted the same feeling and reaction. For the past 20 years I have been praying together with women for a healing of our brothers and between the feminine and masculine and your video was an answer to those prayers, so thank you and keep up the good work. most grateful and sincerely, Barbara Threecrow

  10. Annelie Says:


    I would like to contact you in order to discuss a mutual vision we share. It would be nice if we could collaborate and work together.

    Please let me know what is the best way to contact you. Skype would be best for international discussions, so if you have a skype name, please let know.

    Thank you

  11. Dear friends,

    I was deeply moved by this video ( and I believe your goal in creating this is to be seen in as many countries as possible.

    I am TV science journalist and I am working at the romanian television. My name is Chris and I wish you to give me the permission to broadcast the full sequence of this film in one of my weekly TV programme, and I’ll make romanian subtitles for this, so everybody will understand.

    Please write me back at

    You can see my promo on the videoclip attached on the You Tube account

    Best wishes

    P.S. I think I’ll not be able to pay money for the copyright of this videoclip, however it deserves quite a lot !! We are living in a poor country and very remote…

  12. David Says:

    Regarding the Dear Woman movie, like many “conscious” men I have done this exercise, with a partner (twice now). It was in a held “sacred” space and we used an energetic sheath or veil – this was to distinguish the personal from the archetypal, and to assist “hearing” the partner. It was also done both ways so the wounds and hurts of the masculine could be heard and healed.

    My sense of the video is that without this consent, containment and reciprocity the healing effect may be compromised and for many men, counterproductive.

    My view is that these exercises are sacred. There was a reason things were “esoteric” or “occult” – they involve us opening through our boundaries, and I’m not convinced YouTube is the place for this!

    1. diana Says:

      As a Women I think and feel so, too. I have to say sorry at the SAME TIME. As I don`t see me as a victim any mor I can feel my own destructive and revenge part mor easily. THIS feels free and in love.

  13. Katherine Says:

    Love heals.

    April 4, 2011

    Dear Conscious Men, one and all,

    I just watched your beautiful video “Dear Woman.” With tears of joy, immense love, deep gratitude, and profound hope for healing, I thank you! Thank you, dear men, for your vision, compassion, courage, love, honor, and respect. This is so much more than an apology. This is a declaration of love and understanding that moves men and women beyond duality and opens the door for true and deep healing. This is a monumental step towards visioning a new world and a new way–a way that honors the divinity in all women, all men, and all life. This is a path that heals the deep divide between us and moves us towards LOVE. Together, we truly can create miracles.

    Like many of my sisters around the world, I, too, have been raped, tortured, beaten, belittled, betrayed, abandoned, and abused. Despite great pain, I know that the human heart has the awesome capacity to rise above, to open, to heal, to forgive, to love. The men who gang-raped me when I was a little girl are not here to apologize. But I forgive. Perhaps they were unable to free themselves from the chains of hatred that imprisoned them, but in forgiving, I free myself. I understand that our world is hurting deeply. I understand that women and men are crying out for healing. On behalf of my gender, I apologize for the ways unconscious women–from their own place of wounding, pain, and fear– have injured our brothers, husbands, fathers, and sons.

    What remains unhealed in one soul will always injure another. Let us end this destructive cycle of injury. Let us join hands and hearts, and, in the spirit of co-creativity, let us heal ourselves and our planet. Let us vision into reality a new and magnificent world that celebrates and honors our oneness and our divinity. Let us choose love.

    With deep love and heartfelt gratitude,

    The day will come when,
    after harnessing space,
    the winds, the tides, and gravitation,
    we shall harness for God
    the energies of love.
    And, on that day,
    for the second time in the
    history of the world,
    we shall have discovered fire.

    Tielhard de Chardin

  14. Katherine Says:

    Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.

    –Desiderius Erasmus

    April 6, 2011

    Dear Arjuna and Gay,

    Thank you and bless you! I applaud your wise and compassionate decision to disable comments on your beautiful video “Dear Woman.” I fully support you in blocking abusive and offensive comments from public view. Over the last few days, these hateful words have deeply troubled me. And I know there have been many unpublished comments that are even more violent. These expressions of hatred are a manifestation of the very sickness that has caused thousands of years of extreme pain, suffering, and violence. This firestorm of rage and ignorance demonstrates how essential and urgent the need for healing is. Thank you for taking such a powerful step towards healing these deep and ancient wounds between the masculine and the feminine. Thank you for your courage, compassion, love, and vision.

    Below is a letter I wrote this morning urging you to block violent and hateful comments from your site. I’m sending it to you now because I hope you will not turn the commenting forum back on. And, if you do, please censor vigilantly.

    Dear Arjuna and Gay,

    Many years ago, Oprah interviewed a group of skin-heads on her show. What she hoped would be an open and healing dialogue became, instead, a bitter battlefield. Inspired by the world-wide audience they had been given, the skin-heads seized the opportunity to spew hatred and toxicity in its blackest form. In that moment, Oprah made a decision that changed the destiny of her show. She vowed that she would never again allow her show to become a forum for hatred, ignorance, violence, fear, abuse, or rage. Instead, she committed to providing a platform for healing, expansion, and enlightenment. That decision changed the world.

    You, too, have the right to make the same choice. I honor your desire to cultivate meaningful conversation. However, in the name of “open” dialogue, you are not obligated to accept, or even acknowledge, comments born of hate. In the name of welcoming opposing viewpoints, it is not your spiritual responsibility to offer poison a public platform, nor to allow violence, in word or action, into your world, most especially when it will surely and deeply injure. Words are powerful. They heal, and they destroy. Please choose the comments allowed in this forum carefully. Please hold courageously to your intention to heal and uplift, knowing that some will accept the gift of healing while others will not. And, without engaging, let go of those who will not.

    With love and compassion in our hearts, we must allow that some are unwilling to welcome the light. Some choose to drown in their own darkness. Although we may wish differently for another, we must acknowledge that each of us is exactly where we need to be in our soul’s evolutionary journey. We can bless those who are blinded by fear, ignorance, and rage. We can wish healing for those who are caught in violence, hurt, and hatred. We can reach out a hand in the darkness and offer the gift of illumination. We can hold the intention that we ALL awaken from even the deepest sleep. But, in the end, enlightenment is a solitary journey that we each must walk alone, guided by our own inner light. We can only awaken our own consciousness, heal our own hearts, and illuminate our own souls. The profound truth of the universe is this: when we shine our own light, we inspire others to do the same. When we heal our own hearts, we heal the world.

    At first I despaired when I read the hateful and ignorant comments that flooded your “Dear Woman” site. Upon reflection, however, I wonder if the intensity of rage is a sign that the world really is changing. When those in power feel their dominance slipping from their tenuous grasp, they respond as many on your site have–with extreme fear, rage, and hatred. Yes, we have a long journey ahead. But the world IS changing, and those who once held power know it. Gandhi said: “When I despair, I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won. There have been murderers and tyrants, and for a time they can seem invincible. But in the end they always fall. Think of it, always.”

    What we put our attention on blossoms, so please, do not engage the darkness by giving these poisonous comments a public space. Your time and creative energy can be used in far better ways than responding to violent and hateful mail. Turn all your attention back to a path of healing, light, and love. Please hold to your brave and magnificent dream of co-creating a beautiful and balanced world. Together, we CAN create miracles.

    Truth and love–ahimsa–is the only thing that counts.
    Where this is present, everything rights itself in the end. This is the law to which there is no exception.

    With profound love and gratitude for your powerful gift of healing,

  15. Kevin Says:

    Mr. Ardagh,

    I work for a radio station and would be interested in setting up an interview with either you or Mr. Hendricks. Is this a possibility? Could you email me if you are interested?

  16. Renate Says:

    Dear Man!

    Come out and play with me
    Be in your strenght, in your conciousness and your wisdom
    And come out and play with me

    Don’t hide from your own strenght
    Do not abandon your masculine phallic power to accomodate me
    I, who am the embodiment of the earth mother herself
    I draw my strenghts from deep inside her voluptuous body
    I need to feel your ability to embody your power to stretch even further into mine

    I have the strenght and the love to meet you
    in your power and in your vulnerabilty the same
    wheter you come to me as the child in search of comfort and assurance
    or as the lover ripe with seeds to saw
    I will meet you

    Come out and play with me
    be my partner
    let us dance the dance of creation

    I will meet you, invite you in
    enclose you in my love
    and let your seeds find fertile ground

    Come play with me

    One day your lonesome, scared or feeling weak
    and I will care for you
    hold you in my strenght and softness
    till you are safe and warm

    One day I am small and vulnerable
    in need of assurance
    and I will curl up
    in your arms
    trusting your strenght to protect me

    I will be soft and yelding
    but also strong and demanding
    I will call you out
    when you take a shortcut away from yourself and your own ideals
    and I will trust you to stand your ground
    an not let me overtake with my strenght, my drama or manipulation

    Come play with me
    lets play together
    lets dance the dance of LIFE
    lets be the polarities we where born to be

    Come play with me

  17. Renate Says:

    Dear Arjuna!

    Thank you for all the lovely work you are sharing with this world. Yours, and Chamelies, work has brought me much inspiration and growth. I have actually been planning on writing to you for a while, and now you have put the subject I wanted to adress on the agenda with your movie.
    I watched the movie some nights ago, and have actually been waiting for it since both you and Gay Hendricks hintet of it some time back.
    I feel there is much beauty in this movie and much true awakened perspective. I really love the invitations to co-create and work together in solving the problems ahead and creating all new solutions, but still I am left with two impressions that I can’t seem to shake and that I don’t like:

    1. Where is the powerfull, yummi, awakened male/maleenery in this? I only felt it as a hint underneath with some of the men in the movie.
    2. I can’t shake this feeling that the “superiority thought” still are with you. At points in the movie I almost felt belittled as a woman, as someone who would need this from the outside to be able to move on. It is a bit hard for me to express excactly the nuanses that makes me feel that. I am Norwegian, so english is my second language and that makes me lacking in nuanses when I am trying to explain. But bluntly expressed it has got to do with the notion that you seem to feel that we need an excuse appologie from you or from men to move forward. I feel that we, as women, are abel to rise from history, do the job needed to claim and own our feminine power, and go on in this world creating something new. Also, even thou we, as women, haven’t had the official power to do much for centuries, we need to share the responsability all of mankind for the way we have created this world.
    All the years of masculine dominity has not been good for man either. The average man has been just as unconsciouss in the unfoldment of things as women have, an by that just as much “a victim of circumstaces”. Man has had to bear the responsability of being the one gender assosiated with God, with the sole responsability for women, children and the rest of creation. You have also been at the loosing end of the lack of feminine power. You’ve had noone to stand up against, noone to co-create with, except other men. So we’ve both been on the loosing end, we both need and should give an appologie, and then move on into a new era of co-creation.

    Someone had commented under the movie on you tube that he would like to se such an excuse from men to men, for the lack of rolemodells, and I truly feel that that would be a good idea. We need the beautifull awakened male energy in the world to. That is what I have been wanting to write to you about:
    Where is the awakened male/maleenergy?
    As I mentioned earlier, I am Norwegian. A women of 37 years, born and raised in Norway in the late 70’s and 80’s. I grew up with strong women, with no question what so ever about the womens ability to make our own choices, take an education, support ourself and all of theese things. Even thou my father at times came with comments (mostly for spite) trying to contradict this, he was never taken seriously. Even further back in my lines there have been women both taking controll in the family life and working to make ends meet. I work as a therapist within counselling, coaching, healing and deep soulwork, and I see this quite a lot: Women are strong, taking charge, but they are out of touch with their femininity, and men are “followers” also outside their masculinity. Afraid to use their power because it has been deemed as bad, destructive, evil etc. The female revolution of the 60’s, 70’s and on, has been important, but on the negative side it has almost become womens right to be men, and men are left “without identity” because the old maskuline image is BAD and there is no good new one. The only one you got out of the seventies was the importance of being supportive of your women..

    I strongly believe we have a job to do, both sexes, in diving deep within both the feminine and maskuline energy, and dare to manisfest and to truly be/hold the full, true masculine and feminine energy. There is immense power, love and wisdom in both the masculine and the feminine, and we need each other to dare stand in it and be it fully. No women can be all she can be in terms of power and femininity without her man daring to stand in the awesome power of masculine energy and just be it. And vica versa.

    Well, I hope you got some understanding of what I am trying to say, out of this. I would really like to hear your perspective on this, either directly or as a blogpost.

    Love, and light (and some strong feminine norwegian vibes)
    Renate Hetlevik Andersen

  18. thomas Says:

    i have read your book, and i would like to ask you some questions and start up a dialogue on a specific topic. can you please email me back when you can.

  19. Mischa Says:

    Hi Arjuna,
    Just purchased your deeper love home study course. very excited. it is timely. My question has to do with music! What is the piece of music you play at the end of the launch party? I think you have used it before? It’s gorgeous.
    Thanks, if you get a chance to respond to this question. If not, no big deal. Don’t want you to be overwhelmed with having to respond to these posts!

  20. Jennifer Cochran Says:

    Dear Arjuna,

    Have you seen this TED talk with Tony Porter? It is very much in line with your Manifesto, and heartening to hear more and more men opening to who they really are. Thank you for your work (and thank you to Gay Hendricks too.) As a woman, I not only feel safer, I am filled with hope.

    Yours sincerely, Jennifer

  21. Adrian Lloyd Says:

    Dear Arjun,

    I am a recent graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and have returned to my home in England to start up a mind/body/spirit workshop and retreat centre (akin to the Omega and Esalen Institutes) outside of London, probably in West Sussex where I have found a property. I would be most grateful to be able to communicate with you about my plans, your research and how we might work together.

  22. Katharine Says:

    Arjuna! I just discovered your work while I was channel surfing the tv and came upon a very brief segment on something called positive living. You were speaking about Beliefs and how we do not create beliefs around things with which we have direct experience. I would like to hear it again.I understand that what you said then is probably the backbone of all your work and that you have said the same thing many times. But this little vignette was so succinct and eloquent and exact. I would love to hear it again. Is that possible here?

    Thank you so.

  23. BESH Says:

    Thank you for your great work,

    Please check out the website below. When people have the same intent while mediating the energy exponentially grows.

    On 11-11, 2010, one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species… a new reality. The very real physics that connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history.


  24. Anastasia Stamos Says:

    Dear Arjuna, i first heard you talking on healing with the masters ,I was immediately entranced! I have ordered one of your books .I also listened to the manifesto that you did as a foursome with Guy and I experienced healing tears , thank you it was very moving.

  25. CP Says:

    deart arjuna
    thankyou for your comments about translucent sexuality. I found myself listening int he early hours of the morning having come away from exactly the despair of what you described as conracted sexuality…..the truth of your words made me cry, my heart actually was bursting with the recognition finally of what is actually going on in these situations and released some of the sorrow I have been feeling as a result of knowning that something very profound has been missing in our understanding in this so vital and sacred part of our lives.
    Thankyou x

    1. beautifully said! Thank you also!

  26. caroline Says:

    hi arjuna
    just listened to your talk on healing with masters.
    what you speak of is what Candice O’Denver speaks about in Great Freedom / Balanced View.
    Have you heard of this ? She makes it very simple, using the practice of short moments of awareness. Perhpas these are similar to your excercises. I am sure you would like to hear what she says, and vice versa.

    1. yes, caroline, I am familiar with her work since a few years. Dont know the details, but like the vibe! Not met her yet

  27. Gamila Says:

    Arjuna, I would like to speak to you about a proposition. My email is available to you. Can you please get in touch with meby mail?
    Thanking you for replying.

  28. Adrianna Heideman Says:

    Hi, Arjuna.. I appreciate greatly what you are saying about the divine feminine and Bernie and I have been working on this stuff (we’re using Harville Hendrix’ book), plus what I read from you… My question has to do with Deeksha… as you know after an amazing experience receiving Deeksha (at Sounds True studio)… and others, I got the training in India… now there are posts saying it’s a scam by Bhagavan, and I wonder about your take on this? Thanks and blessings to you and Chamali. Adrianna H.

  29. Amanda Says:

    Aloha Arjuna,
    I have been stnned by the beautu of your conscious man’s manifesto being circulated on facebook. this is a historic moment in the history of humankind. thank you. i have recently finished writing a book for mothers, and would like to re-print your manifesto in a section for fathers. may I kindly have your permission to do so? If you would like to know more about my book first please let me know and i will be happy to send more details.
    Thank you for shining your ight and having the courage to speak the truth,
    Amanda Maitri

  30. Dear Arjuna,

    We heartily would like to invite you to come and visit our country – our

    beautiful Poland.

    We are two women – Maja Wolosiewicz-Towalska and Kama Korytowska representing

    The Centre for Personal and Spiritual Development „Here and Now”

    ( in the lake district in the north of the country.

    For many years we have been involved in many spiritual practices (e.g. Toni

    Packer’s meditative groups, Dzogchen, Zen, Vipassana, and contemporary

    non-duality/full embodiment paths) and we are endeavouring to spread new ideas

    in Poland of contemporary paths of awakening.

    We feel that this is the time when Poland and Polish people are beginning to

    wake up from the longtime dependency on Catholic Church and are opening to the

    new, contemporary spiritual paths. In the last few years a number of books

    written by Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber, Byron Katie, and recently Gangaji were

    translated into Polish and more and more people are responding to the message

    they offer.

    Although Poland is geographically situated in Central Europe (even though until

    now it has been politically described as Eastern Europe), in terms of

    contemporary non-religious spirituality, there is literally nothing – no

    teachers, no transmission, but the few books mentioned above and a burning

    desire to awaken in many souls. It feels like a „forgotten land”, though

    paradoxically it has been the bastion of Catholicism for a long, long time.

    Yet there are plenty of people of all ages who are searching for fresh, direct

    expressions of the awakened heart.

    We would like to focus the openings of many transmissions of what Tolle calls

    New Spirituality in Poland, but also to invite people interested in awakening

    from neighbouring countries (east of Germany that cover the size of half of


    The Centre „Here and Now” (co-run by Maja and her husband Jacek Towalski) was

    established five years ago and is the biggest well known place of this character

    in Poland.

    There are plenty of workshops and retreats offered here by Polish and foreign


    We also have a permanent exhibition „100 Mystics and Spiritual Teachers of the

    Twenty First Century” that travels around Poland, and whose aim is to bring

    closer the contemporary persons representing various paths of Self-Realisation;

    the Temple of All Faiths situated outdoors at the Centre; annual Festival

    gathering few hundred participants (2009 – „Festival of Integration of Body,

    Mind and Soul”, 2010 – „Festival Between East and West”); meditative forest

    routes, bookshop and library. Our mailing list consists of over three thousand


    The Centre is a place capable of organizing big events and gathering good-sized


    The separate page on the Centre’s website is the only place in Poland with

    information about non-duality and other contemporary spiritual paths.

    Our desire is to serve the opening to Awakening in this part of the world.

    We would like to ask about the possibility of your coming over here and sharing

    your wisdom with us in person.

    Also I (Kama) have come across your splendid book “Translucent Revolution” back in UK, and brought it over to Poland. People are very interested but their English is not fluent enough to read it directly.

    Would you be open for the book to be translated and published in Poland?

    That would be stupendous!

    Serdecznie (Polish –from the heart)

    Kama and Maja


    Together with my husband Jacek, I have been running the Centre „Here and Now”

    since 2005 and for the past nine years I have been the President of Association

    „By the Source” ( involved in personal development and spiritual


    By profession I am an art historian and an anthropologist. I am forty two years

    old and have a three year old daughter. My spiritual path began with Tibetan

    Buddhism, Dzogchen, Zen, Vipassana, deep interest in Mararishi, Krishnamurti,

    Osho, leading eventually to mindfulness groups of Toni Packer and non-duality.

    With great love and great heart I have prepared the exhibition „100 Mystics and

    Spiritual Teachers of Twenty First Century”. I can describe myself as the

    seeker, community facilitator and an organizer.

    I would like to make it possible that also in Poland many people find their

    Realisation, and that they can open their hearts and minds to the new ideas.


    I am a woman of two cultures, having lived in England for over twenty years and

    recently having moved back to Poland. In the late eighties, during the birth of

    my younger daughter my mind stopped and I awoke, however fleetingly, to my true

    nature. At that time I did not have a context in which to place what happened to

    me, but it turned out to be the beginning of a long search for an environment

    which would support me further in deepening that first glimpse and its

    embodiment in everyday life. For the past few years I have been working with

    Adam Bradpiece who works quietly in small groups around Europe.

    When over twenty years ago I left Poland with my English husband, there was a

    thought – „One day, I would like to bring back something profound and

    beautiful”. The thought receded into the quiet of my mind for many years. Now it

    seems that this thought is taking shape in the reaching out into the world and

    inviting the presence of the awakened teachers into my home country.

  31. Алексей Тивилев Says:

    Hi Arjuna,

    I ask your permission to translate
    “The Conscious Man’s Manifesto” into russian.

    1. i will ask Gay Hendricks and get back to you

  32. diana Says:

    I feel so liberated after listening at your contribution about beliefs tonight.My heart always wanted to come HOME to this awareness. How does this non-juding awareness fit together with living my trouth in this world if I don`t know how to bring my Form (gift, treasure, love)into this world? Inside of me everything is ready but in the world I have NONE professionalization. Maybe I just stop TRYING? 🙂

  33. karin sevensma Says:

    hi arjuna,
    nice to have the possibility to ask..i have a million questions and yet, right not know them..i strive for enlightement for many years..i know i cannot reach it, for i am what i am looking for..i am healing my life..sort things out, use ppd ;s (personal power downloads form peter chappel) and get so impatient sometimes, had a 3-day vieuw..i was not felt wonderful, i was laughing the whole time..that was half a year what..i did not know how i got there and do not know how to get back…now what…patience?

    1. welcome to join a teleseminar and we will talk

  34. Dita Lambert Says:

    Dear Arjun
    I read your post today which sums up what is going on within me…Becoming the observer and experiencing the intense feelings helped me dive deeper into myself. Now when I am in the presence of little souls I love to watch them and even be like them…A little girl, Alina, yesterday just kept looking at me and smiling. At the end of our singing session she got up and just gave me this most beautiful hug. More and more of this is happening and fear, although present from time to time is not as gripping.

  35. Mits Says:


    I signed up for the teleseminar the gift you were born to give. The problem is I live in the UK. Is there anyhere I can download the file to listen to?

    Regards, Mitesh

  36. Jason Says:

    Hello Arjuna. Do you have an e-mail address where I could ask you for some advice? Thank you.

    1. best to ask here. This is what this page is for!

      1. Jason Says:

        Its about getting published with Sounds True. I have just finished my book, and was thinking about them. Is there a need for an agent or better to just submit my work directly to them or self publish?. Do you have an agent? You never mention your agent in your books. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks brother.

  37. Mary Ellen Says:

    Just wanted to say that I sooo agree with Peter. Exactly what does “enlightened” mean to all those “enlightened” ones?? They obviously don’t understand it themselves if they are so “stuck” on all their wealth and luxurious living!! Some ask for serious amounts of money to share their “knowledge” and usually all a person gets is some rehashed information that has been going “round ‘n round for years!! Just saying….

    1. i suggest you say these words directly to whoever you feel is asking for money without offering value

  38. peter Says:


    Got your new invite about how to thrive in tough times and was wondering if all the awakened leaders, writers, seminar leaders were giving more than accumulating? I recently saw where one enlightened writer and seminar leader bragged about taking a private jet to a weekend escape of total excess. I wonder how many weekends Ghandi took? Mother Teresa? Whenever I see our awakened ”ones” I see extreme wealth and material comfort. I have yet to see a free retreat, workshop, book, training, or even work exchange. 27% of children live in poverty in the USA, 1/3rd do not graduate from high school, 30,000_ commit suicide, 13.000 homicides, more than 1/3rd seniors living in poverty, 17,000 children starve every day, 600,000+ women raped every year, and our enlightened ones are thriving, in a material sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuuuuuuuuuse me, Bill Gates, & Warren Buffet have invited Billionaires to donate 1/2 their wealth, I ask al of the millionaire enlightened, awakened, writers, leaders, to do the same and to not flaunt their wealth in any rationalized way. Is your net worth more than $500,000, THEN GIVE IT AWAY, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you thriving teaching love, peace, shadow, forgiveness, awakening, meditation, yoga, healthy eating, spiritual enlightenment? Have you given away 1/2 of your wealth? Have you offered your gifts for free to the unemployed, poor, young, black, old, the incarcerated, the forgotten ones? Of course, I do not mean any one personal, after all nothing is personal. The reason to thrive, to understand,to be awakened, enlightened, is what??? Just asking, blessings

    1. who are you talking about?

      For myself, I offer a lot of my work for free to whoever wants it.

      We also charge for trainings etc

      And we get by.

      any problem with that?

      if not, we are cool.

      If you have a problem with someone else’s conduct, write to them and tell them


  39. DK Says:


    I signed up for your latest webcast, but missed it, can one still listen to it a day or 2 later somehow?

    or is it only available at time/date


    1. replays are always there

  40. Jonathan Says:

    Hi Arjuna,

    I went to hoping to find the page that used to be there with all your favorite music..albums and songs. I saw it some months ago and wanted to explore further, but now it is gone. I am a huge music fan and had a strong intuition that the music you had posted there would end up being some of my favorite music as well. (i remember “Love Itself” was there and i love that one) Please consider posting your favorite music again somewhere, sometime. I know myself and many others would benefit. Many thanks!!! – Jonathan.

    1. we will put it back when we can afford it!

  41. Isis Says:



    MY NUMBER IS +44(0)1458 834811


    ALL JOY,


    1. it is on this site
      go have a search through the earlier posts

  42. Maggie Bockmann Says:

    Wanted to register for the discussion with Mariana, but the button wasn’t live for me.


    1. working fine
      try again

  43. Constance Demby Says:

    Hi Arjuna
    Site looks GREAT! Sounds great, reads great~~ congratulations!!!!!
    keep me posted on the progress of the TV film we talked about in our last conversation…
    Love / bless

  44. john Says:

    Hi Arjuna,

    i am looking at purchasing the sedona method course or the release technique by larry crane, they both sound good, which one is the better, as i dont want to buy then return,
    look forward to a reply,

    regards john

    1. trust your feeling, brother

  45. Hi Arjuna,
    I wanted to ask you about a comment you made sometime ago about the sensations experienced sometimes in meditation/presence.
    I have been experiencing these for some time over the top of my head and forehead and even over my nose. Not unpleasant, sometimes fascinating, I just wonder what they are?
    Warm Regards

    1. it is energy moving
      drop deeper, and you rest as that which does not move, and never has
      best to observe these things, and neither try to stop them nor to encourage them
      love to you

  46. diane Says:

    Hello, Why is important to stay with the emptiness and silence ? Does the silence ever speak. Dee

  47. tove weberg Says:

    hi arjuna..

    I feel that stillness…is best practised in noice…stillness in stillness is just too easy…its how we enter stillness in the crazy reality that is be still…i lived in a vipassana retreat center in dharamsala for 3 months beeing quite doing meditation and service…that was easy…bringing that energy etc into the normal world was just scitzofrenic…in my experience….the closest i came to understanding this and fitting it toghether in consiusness,,is…no logic…just a feeling of exepting beeing lost as a human and understanding that somethings are not ment to be understood,just to be exepted as a natural the order of law…
    we can only watch…but never kling..i belive in induvidual understandings of nature systems for the specific persons knowledge…we need our lost pieces in diffrent kind of ways…so for this giberish …he,he…please comment …im still searching…exploring..staying open…for truth..experiencing a deeper understanding about ….and what is it realy about anyway??? beeingness in stillness….we are beeing already…stillness always there ..just need to watch it consiously….

  48. Rebecca Says:

    Dear Arjuna,

    I wanted to ask a question regarding the Oneness Movement…

    I have recently read your book, Awakening into Oneness, and on the strength of that have been to an evening at someones house and have been thinking about doing a 2 day initiation course.

    However, today I received an email from a friend with a website ( which outlines many reasons why Bhagavan is in fact a fraud and the whole movement is a scam.

    In your book you go over the main criticisms at the time, but this was put together more recently and I am not aware that you address the points that it raises, which are mainly about Bhagavan himself.

    As the criticisms being raised by this site leave me feeling somewhat uncomfortable and given my involvement to date has been largely on your recommendation, I would be interested to hear where you stand with the movement today and whether you still support it as you did in 2005.

    I look forward to hearing you views.

    Best wishes,


    1. hey Peter

      not sure that I understand what this means?

      Perhaps you can explain?

      1. read your post here about Amma and Bhagawan
        what is this in reply to?
        I do not see any post that this is relevant to
        please explain

  49. Heidi Says:

    I am new to your website but would like to receive announcements regarding workshops and retreats that you either hold or plan to attend. I feel “stalled” on my personal journey and would like to become more integrated into the spiritual community. Do you send out announcements like this?

  50. Prabhuta Says:

    Hi Arjuna,
    we met again after many moons in sweden, anksbucka fest…….how are you…..get in touch

  51. Ursula Kauer Says:

    Dear Arjuna,
    in the last “Deeper Love” seminar you told something like: the inner child is an old and backwards idea. Can you write me something about this? In the last years I had always a aversion against, to hug my inner child and I didn’t know why. Perhaps you have written something about this theme. I would like to read more about this.
    Thank you for reading my text and I wish you a very contemplative and joyful chrismas.
    A lot of hugs to you

  52. Hi mate, this doesn’t look so enthusiastic on the Imperfect browser. But anyway keep up the writing.

  53. Greg Says:

    Thank you Arjuna for tonight’s call on money. Your advice to have patience when being present with the seemingly emptiness, being patient for one’s purpose to arise in presence out of the emptiness was priceless (my words, my interpretation of what you said, of course). Thank you!

  54. rory murray Says:

    Dear Arjuna

    Ta so much for your recent seminars on intention and soul mates…

    I am a long time devotee of Satsang and from that devotion a sense of peace and ease is often here. And yet my life is also fairly disfunctional: small income, large debts, uncertainty around career and…no soul mate.

    Just recently as a way of dissolving this strange paradox of peace and confusion i began using the Sedona method..particularly with regard to intention.

    So your last two seminars have been right on the money as far as i am concerned.

    In your seminar on attracting love you spoke about how one can begin the process of invoking ones soul mate with a declaration of intent.

    And so i would just like to take this opportunity to declare to you and everyone who reads this blog that:

    I am ready to meet my beloved, my soul mate, the woman with whom i can have the most nourishing, supportive, intimate, enjoyable, loving, relationship.

    And, unless i meet my her beforehand, i intend to work with those other ‘practices’ you suggested as a way of bringing my beloved into my life.

    A question: Do you have any equivelent practices for invoking a knowledge of ones unique gift to the world?

    Finally thank you for you love of truth and your efforts to bring that deep wisdom into the stuff of ordinary life.

    Much Love

    Rory x

    1. martin Says:

      Rory, I send you my good wishes and vibrations, it will happen soon. God bless.

  55. Sarah Gallwey Says:

    Hi Arjuna,

    I was unable to attend the session on intention last night. This is such a confusing paradox for so many of us right now. Was the session recorded? I would love to hear that session. Are there any good discussions on this topic that can explain the parallel between the non-dualist and intention paradoxes you could refer me to?

    Thanks, Sarah

    1. please go ahead and register, using the link in the blog post
      this will take you to the replay page

  56. Simona Says:

    Wow, I just watched your videos on youtube. I feel like this is exactly what I needed to hear. I am observing that what seemed to be going in two directions, both of a great importance, is coming together as one.
    I am also excited about the new ‘Internet generation’ unfolding!!
    I’ve been interested in Life coaching and have read and interacted with many from this field. I feel like I would like to become one of them. Do I have what it takes? That is the question I can now answer: No, but I am willing to take what it takes and learn. You mentioned that yr training helps people to be more awakened in the work they are already doing, how is it with someone wanting to help pople shine with no former reference?
    I am from Czech republic, Prague. And my second direction or passion is dancing. I love to dance to techno-electronic-trance music that is played in a crowded clubs. I love the energy and I feel connected there, with the music, with people. I am sad sometimes because I do not think people there are ‘awakened’, you know? There are factors like alcohol, drugs, smoking..
    But when I experience being in tune with the diversity bonded by music and the language of the dance, I just love it. Now we have a (podium)dancing I am talking about and a coaching field. I am 28 y.o. and heard that I am quite old for being as a ‘model’ and too young for being a coach!! I don’t mind this, but it seems to me that I have to choose, that there is no way to blend it. I would be interested in hearing what you think. In my level of thinking I might no see what you may 🙂
    And thank you!
    In joy,

  57. Marlyse Says:

    greetings Arjuna Just read your new comments in connection with Michael Beckwith and Alex Mandossian. My husband admired Mandossian and I am so glad You and Alex are getting together and I suggest you two produce some translucent awakenings together with Craig Hamilton affecting global society. love Marlyse Kusik

  58. Marlyse Says:

    greetings Arjuna Just read your new commentsin connection with Michael Beckwith and Alex Mandossian. My husband admired Mandossian and I am so glad You and Ale are getting together and I suggest you two produce some translucnt awakenings together with Craig Hamilton affecting global society. love Marlyse Kusik

  59. Harry Brewster Says:

    Arjuna: From Let Yourself Go: Do feelings arise out of Presence & thought attaches to the feeling….so if I recognize the feeling before thought and stay with it it will disolve. Do feelings like anger, fustration ect come back, or is it when they disolve they are ended. Thank you. Sincerely Harry

  60. jagdish Says:

    Dear friend,I am from INDIA.I am very grateful to you and GOD for putting me in your contact.I have downloaded your mp3`s,hearing them centers me in my being,at ease with my deep desire and turmoil I am facing since 2 torturing years.My birth date is 7th sept.1957,I felt that you r my mirror image in some way,may be we were working deeply together in previous birth.I am in confusion about my real purpose,finding uniqe talent from the many and how to use in service of mankind.Can you suggest me more deep but simple practices,which provide me more clarity of my mind ? Your would be student,JAGDISH THACKER.

    1. jagdish Says:

      hey arjuna you have not answered me till now,why?

      1. so sorry Jagdish, for the delay. Please join the teleseminar this Thursday for answers to your question

  61. Jacqueline Says:

    Hi Arjuna,
    Today I had this realisation;
    If we use the knowledge ‘that we are limited by our senses’ as an explanation that we are having these limited senses to limit us until we no longer need them in this way and higher conscious awareness is what will be replacing them than the evolutionarie leap we’re experiencing today is a logic one.
    Isn’t it?

  62. cavanis Says:

    allmost 6 months since i attended your weekend in Brighton.U.K. and every day i really appreciate the value of ..let go..
    still intend to do your. ‘ Coaching’
    regards Cavan

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