I just watched a fascinating new film this weekend, which has got considerably less attention than it deserves. It’s called “The Living Matrix,” and features Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Eric Pearl, and Marilyn Schlitz, president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.The film explores the fascinating question of spontaneous remission from disease: healings that occur everyday, and yet are unexplained by conventional medical science.

The movie tells us that every day, in hospitals all over the world, people will suddenly get better for no logical reason whatsoever. A cancer tumor the size of a grapefruit can disappear overnight. By now, this is well-documented. Because there is absolutely no explanation within the current medical model, these cases simply get ignored.

The premise of “The Living Matrix” is that we don’t understand the mechanics of “miraculous healing” and spontaneous remission simply because we are applying the wrong model. We’ve tended to view the body as though it’s a machine. We feed it the right nutrients, give it the right exercise, keep it well hydrated, and, when it gets sick, we go to an expert who tells us to take the right kind of drugs. It’s essentially a mechanical view of the human body. This view, which is by far the most prevalent in contemporary medicine and science, sees consciousness as a by-product of the body.

Of course, to some degree, this is true. If you have too much to drink and your liver is clogged up, you feel angry. If you don’t get enough sleep, you feel cranky. There’s no doubt that consciousness can, in part, be attributed to physical conditions in the body.

“The Living Matrix” explores the opposite side of this equation: that the body is actually the product of consciousness. Lynne McTaggart and others point out that this view was much more prevalent prior to Aristotle. In Plato’s Republic, for example, which of course also means Socrates, his teacher, consciousness is seen as primary. Out of consciousness are created thoughts, out of thoughts are created energy, and out of energy is created the body.

All of the breakthroughs in contemporary quantum physics and medicine point in the same direction: toward the primacy of consciousness.

Bruce Lipton, who is featured heavily in the film, has been instrumental in the development of “epigenetics.” We have understood that our predisposition towards disease, personality traits, and physical characteristics are based on our DNA, which is inherited from our ancestors, and fixed. Bruce Lipton is the first neurobiologist to demonstrate that DNA can actually be changed though shifts of consciousness. Shift your beliefs about reality, he says, and the DNA will respond accordingly.

Recognizing the primacy of consciousness over the body makes it much easier to account for miraculous healing and spontaneous remission. If, in fact, disease states are a reflection of how we think and feel, it makes sense that a dramatic shift in your state of consciousness could bring the body out of disease overnight.

“The Living Matrix” is one of the featured films in this month’s installment of the Spiritual Cinema Circle.

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