A couple of weeks ago we just got done with out latest Awakening Coaching Training.  This was the entry level course: which we call ‘Basic Skills.’  I can’t hold back a moment longer from sharing with you what has been going on.

It was jet lag city: we had participants present from seven different times zones, so just as Miss Australia was perking up, Mr UK and Ms Norway were falling asleep, with Hawaii, California and Michigan caught in the middle.  To add to it all, on day 2 of the five day course I woke up …  with the flu.  Full on: headache, fever, aching everything.  Usually I’m a homeopathic, lemon and ginger, let-it-run-its-course kind of a guy.  But this was no time for alternative approaches, I dosed up on NyQuil and Tylenol and every other kind of nasty drug that Long’s would legally sell me.  I had people from all over the world shown up here, and it was no time to lie in bed.