This is a practice from my latest book: “Leap Before You Look.” This practice is chosen from the section “Feeling Practices.”

For this practice,

You will need to make a compilation

Of many different kinds of music.

Make a playlist on your iPod or computer.

Find some music that is soft and soothing,

Some which is angry and defiant.

Find some that has a strong vibrant beat of sexual energy,

And some which is soft and devotional.

Find music to evoke every kind of feeling:

Grief, longing, rage, joy, passion, and resentment.

Your compilation should be about 30 to 45 minutes altogether.

Now, go to your room, switch off the phone, make sure you are undisturbed,

Play the music.

Enter into each of these feelings one by one.

You can dance, you can cry, you can call out in longing.

Use your whole body to express each feeling.

Make sounds.

Let the music guide you into each wave of feeling,

Free of any reason why.

When it is finished, lie down for several minutes and feel your body.