181245033_a69b1c8a62Many months ago, I was sitting on an airplane reading a book that someone had given me by Carl Callahan about the Mayan prophecies and 2012.  Now, I’m not a big believer in prophecies.  My favorite statement about 2012 came recently from Leonard Cohen who said, “People talk a lot about 2012.  In fact, some people say it might hit us as hard as Y2K did.”
But I digress.  It was an interesting book and I was enjoying it.  About twenty-five pages in, I looked up and gazed out of the airplane window.  “This is a great book,” I thought to myself, “but I’d much rather watch it on DVD.”  Ding… wait a minute, what did I just say?  I’d much rather watch it on DVD?  But I’m a writer!