by Arjuna Ardagh and Jonathan Robinson

This Thursday we launch our new tele-seminar series on how to thrive in the new economy.

Pretty much anywhere you go these days, you hear people talking about what a tough economy it is. Of course, unemployment is at alarmingly high levels, people are losing their houses, and many countries today have national debts skyrocketing out of proportion to their Gross Domestic Product. These are real problems that require real solutions.

At the same time, many people today are thriving in a way that they never thought possible. By thriving, we don’t mean simply making more money. We mean living a multidimensional life that is ultimately, deeply fulfilling: one that includes openhearted, loving relationships, a spirit of service and community, and the unwavering certainty that you have gotten in touch with the gift you were born to give, and you are giving it passionately to the world.

We’ve investigated why some people thrive beyond their wildest dreams in this “difficult economy,” and some people contract in a feeling of fear and dis-empowerment. We’ve managed to isolate 27 characteristics, which “thrivers” demonstrate.

Another way to look at these times is not so much  a “difficult economy,” but an economy of transition. When the agricultural age turned into the industrial age, or when we shifted from mechanical based industry to electronics based,  the old rules no longer applied. We are going through a shift today more dramatic than ever before. We are living through a shift  in collective consciousness, where we must evolve or perish.  People who are firmly committed to the old ways of doing things, who want to repeat what they’ve learned in school, may be in for a tough time. On the other hand, thrivers have learned how to ride the wave, and how to tune into what is coming next, instead of into what is crumbling.

Over the next 12 weeks, between now and December 8th, we are going to introduce you to the 12 most important qualities needed to thrive in the new economy. Our guests include people like Jack Canfield, Lynne Twist, Ivan Misner, Lynne Mctaggart and Hale Dwoskin. These people are not just financially successful (although most of them are), they are experiencing extraordinarily high levels of fulfillment in every area of their lives, and they know how to pass it on. (more…)