I remember many years ago I went for a coaching session with an extraordinary man names Stan Russell. This was before the word “coaching” was used for anything other than football, tennis, and soccer. So he was a coach before we even called such people coaches.

We discovered some unconscious beliefs I was holding about different things in my life, and instead of talking about the content, or the story or the history or anything, he had me do something very strange. He had me tap on different points of my body while doing other unusual activities like counting from 20 backwards in multiples of three, or singing Yankee Doodle.

The amazing and unexpected consequence was that a lot of aspects of my life got clear on their own without having to deal with them directly.

Twenty years later, I got re-introduced to this method of “tapping” by my friend Nick Ortner.

Tapping is a simple system for tuning into energetic or mental blocks, and then activating energy points in your body to neutralize the blocks. Nick discovered tapping a few years ago when he was suffering from some health issues. He was so blow away by the results that he went out and bought a video camera, some lights, and some microphones. He had no previous experience with film making.

Together with a couple of buddies, they unpacked the equipment, plugged things in without quite knowing what they were doing, and made a documentary film about tapping.

They gathered together twelve people for a weekend who had really serious challenges: phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.  By the end of the weekend, miraculous shifts had occurred. They brought these same people back together again a few months later. Eight of the twelve had sustained extraordinary results in their life without any psychotherapy or emotional work, or even thinking about things much. The only thing they did was tap.

Nick Ortner is going to be my guest on a free tele-seminar this Thursday, August 11th at 6pm Pacific time. We’re going to talk about the history of tapping, the extraordinary results it produces, and he’ll  tell you how you can jump onto the tapping wave and use it in your own life.

This is something that has helped me and Chameli personally a great deal. We’ve found that it’s an amazing adjunct to meditation. I highly recommend that you be on this call.

Photo from the free ftp manual.