Perhaps you already read the story of what Chameli and I went through back in April. The doctors diagnosed her with terminal cancer, and we lived with that diagnosis for several weeks, until she went in for surgery and we discovered that the tumor was benign. You can read about our medical roller-coaster ride here.

During the time that we passed through this visit to the valley of the shadow of death, we worked with two very powerful healers, and I’m going to introduce you to both of them over the next weeks. One is a man called Chunyi Lin, the author of the book You Were Born a Healer. He’s a third-generation qigong master that now lives in Minnesota. We know Chunyi from our membership in the Transformational Leadership Council. We worked with another healer at the same time, Deirdre Hade, and we will be introducing her to you in a couple of weeks.

As soon as the young doctor told Chameli he thought she had cancer, we called Chunyi right away. From his office in Minnesota, over the telephone, he was able to “tune in” to Chameli’s body. He didn’t ask for the results of any of the medical tests, or even for her symptoms. He just closed his eyes and connected.

Healers like Chunyi don’t talk in terms of “cancer” and “not cancer.” They read energy. He could sense some of what he calls “darker” energy around where the tumor was located. So, over several days, he worked on cleaning it up.

Chunyi would call Chameli on the phone every day, ask her to drink a glass of water, and then work on clearing the stuck energy. Each day, she felt better and better. After a week we went back to see a specialist. He did more tests, and this time decided  that it was really impossible to say if it was cancer or not.

By the time we went in for the surgery, Chunyi and Deirdre had been working on Chameli for almost two weeks. Chunyi told us that all the blocked energy had been cleared.  The operation went  smoothly, and Chameli’s recovery time was miraculously short.

So how does all this work, do you think? There are hundreds of people with these kinds of gifts all over the world, creating medical miracles every day. Of course, the conventional medical establishment has no explanation.

I have also been dealing with a chronic health condition for the last several years. Having spent way too much time in India, I had contracted all kinds of bugs, and my digestive system never really recovered. I’ve been in for endless tests to find out what it could be. They did an colonoscopy (in layman’s terms, that’s a camera up your bum), an endoscopy (same camera down your throat, hopefully they washed it off in the meantime), and endless blood tests.  None of these tests could finally conclude what was wrong with me.

After Chunyi’s incredible success with Chameli, I asked him to tune into my body as well. In the very first session, he was able to tell me that I was dealing with inflammation of the pancreas. Not one other doctor had been able to come up with that conclusion. When I looked up the symptoms of pancreatitis, it fit perfectly. Now Chunyi has been working on clearing the energy in my pancreas, and low and behold, I’m feeling tremendously better. I’m not totally healed yet, but definitely 50% of the way there.

Quite honestly, I have no idea whatsoever how this kind of healing works. It defies all of our logical understanding about the nature of reality. But if you’re interested, we’re going to find out.

This Thursday, July 21st at 6pm PST, I’m going to be live on the phone with Chunyi Lin, a third-generation qigong master and healer from China, and we’ll quiz him about what he does to create these kinds of extraordinary results. Not only that, he’s also going to teach us how we can become healers as well.

I hope you join me for what I know will be an amazing meeting.

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Photo credits: Danilo Rizzuti, Salvatore Vuono