Thank you so much to all the friends who joined us for the Deeper Love Retreat-at-Home virtual launch party last night.
Did you miss the call?  You can still listen to the replay.  Register here.

We had so many great questions, and we could only get to some of them on the call.  Today we had no power at our house and 17 inches of snow fell overnight.  So we headed down to the Wisdom Cafe in downtown Nevada City, ordered lattes and scrambled eggs, and answered many of your questions we had skipped.

Here are our answers so far.  We will keep going through them and posting over the weekend.

From Linda – Southampton
I’m seeking greater inner peace as I travel the often-rocky road of divorce; my husband and I are still living together (separate bedrooms) and my ability to turn it over on a daily basis is challenged and triggered frequently. Is there an inner “button” I can engage to retrieve peace & ease?! Thank you… xx
We wish you and your husband the very best in this time of transition.  The inner button you seek is who you are.  Not the thoughts and beliefs and emotional reactions you have identified with, but the one who is aware of all that.  Turn your attention to the one who is aware, and you discover that peace and ease is the sky in which challenges and triggering are passing clouds.  This is the foundation of our Deeper Love work.    From that place, you can meet your husband in deep listening and simple honesty as you go through this transition.  Be gentle with your body, and give yourself time with other women  ( this creates oxytocin, the feminine anti stress hormone).