When you hear the words of the Master Jesus, “I and the Father are One,” do you hear Jesus as the great exception or the great example?

When you hear His words “I am the way and the Truth and the Light,” is this just true about the man who spoke them, or is it also a loving reminder of your true nature, and mine and everyone we know?

I have always had a need to worship someone.  When I was a boy it was Jesus, and our father in Heaven.  Later I shifted my attention to various different Oriental gentlemen.   I have always had a need to put someone on my altar and fall to my knees in gratitude, in devotion, in surrender.

Let me tell you a lovely little story I heard many years ago.  There was a young seeker, a lover of God. His heart was innocent, full of longing to bow down and submit himself to the divine.  So he went to a teacher, who in fact was a total charlatan,  a false prophet.  This innocent young man fell at the feet of the teacher.  “I will do anything,” he said.  “Show me the way. I want to know God.”  This teacher turned and winked at his other students, as though to say “what a fool.”
“Ok,” said the teacher, “Go walk by the cliff tomorrow morning, and jump off the cliff.  Through my grace, you will fly, and you will know God.”  The young student bowed in gratitude, and left.  Everyone laughed at him behind his back as he walked off merrily to his young death.
The next day, mid morning he was back, shining like the moon.  He fell at the teachers feet.  “Thank you, thank you.  I did jump from the cliff, I did fly, and I did come to see the face of God.  I landed lightly on the rocks below, and I was carried back up to the top of the cliff without a scratch.”
The teacher was shaking with fear.  He was a fraud, and he knew it.  How had this happened?
It was not the grace of the teacher which caused this miracle, but the open and innocent heart of the young man.

Devotion purifies us, worship washes our eyes clean, surrender invites miracles.

The last years I have learned to shift the focus of my adoration from a teacher, or a deity on an altar to the one I share my life with.  Just as it was true for Jesus, I have come to learn that when I pay close attention to my wife, not by looking at her, but into her essence, I discover that Jesus’s words are also true for her.  Who she truly is and the force that creates all life are also one.

The great thing about redirecting the feelings of devotion in your heart from a deity to your partner is that it can easily become mutual.  When you worship the divine on an altar, the divine does not always worship you back.  You may occasionally suffer from unrequited love.  When you learn to see the divine dimension of the person you share a bed with, or, if you are single, the one who is on their way, that worship can be reciprocated, and amplify itself.

Chameli and I just completed a nine month process of developing our Deeper Love Retreat-at Home.  It is a 40 day course for couples and singles to discover the divine dimension of intimacy.  We will teach you the principles of how to live in this way.

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