Happy Happy Happy Valentines Day to you!!  If you have  a partner you share your life and love with, may you have the deepest and best day of connection ever!  And if you are single and ready to love, may this day be a day of deepening with the Beloved who is soon to appear.

I have not been in touch for many weeks, and today, for the first time,  I can tell you why.  Valentines Day seems like the perfect day to share this news with you, and it is the biggest and most important news we have to tell since a long time.

As you may know already, Chameli and I have dedicated ourselves, in our own personal life, to the exploration a deeper dimension of love.  We were, neither of us, well equipped for great relationship.  We both come from broken homes and challenging backgrounds.  Through constant practice and inquiry, we have stumbled upon a great secret.  When you can unlock this secret in your own life, whether you are single or in a couple, everything flows.  Over the last years we have been able to test this secret out with thousands of people, and refine it and understand it more deeply.   We have, in our own way, also recognized why there can often be resistance to living this secret, and how to overcome that resistance.

Let me tell you more.

When this great Untold Secret comes alive in your life, everything we thought was true about love gets turned on its head.

The gap disappears  between your “inner life,” (meditation and yoga and your deepest realization), and your intimate relationships.

As a single person, you shift from needing love from outside,  to showering love as a rain of blessings.

All of the seeming barriers to intimacy, like fighting and control and criticism and power struggles, actually become vehicles for this deeper love.

And all of those feelings you might have had for a great teacher or avatar or deity, that you reserved for a temple or an altar, can come alive in your own house.  Your relationship can become your religion  (a word from Latin: re-ligare, to bind you back to yourself) and the heart of your Beloved becomes your altar.

We are the most unlikely people in the whole world to stumble upon all of this, as I said, we did not have great role models.  It has been a gift of grace. After sharing this with thousands of people, we have spent the last nine months developing a retreat-at-home that couples and singles can do without going out of the house.  We have created CDs and DVDs, a 150 page workbook,  conducted video interviews with dozens of couples who are living in this way…  infact every resource we could think of to make this secret easy to live.

This weekend the last touches got added, the last glitches got ironed out, and now, on Valentines Day 2011, it is all ready!!


We are just exploding with urgent excitement to tell you all about it TODAY!!  But we know it is V-DAY, and you probably have plans tonight more attractive even than hanging out with us. So at least we can INVITE you today, on the day of love,  and we’ll have to wait a few days to share the news.

Please, please, please join us to celebrate the launch of everything we have been preparing over the last 9 months!  We want to warmly invite you to our virtual launch party on Thursday February 17th at 6pm PST.  We are going to tell you exactly what this  untold secret is, and how to live it.  We are going to share with you everything about this new gift we have been working on, and we are going to tell you how you can explore everything we have created at home, with no financial risk.

Ok, so have a great great great DAY of LOVE!  We so looking forward to sharing with you soon.

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