One of the most inspiring things about this new time is the emerging spirit of co-creation.  I can remember only a few years ago being invited to speak at the Whole Life Expo in Altanta.  All of the big names were there.  On evening we had a party where all the speakers attended. I still remember scanning the room and noticing that half of the New York Times bestseller list was in the room.  The other thing I noticed at that party, back in the early 90s, was how much talking was going on, and how little listening.  Everyone had a pitch to sell, and noone was very interested in buying anyone else’s.

Times have changed!  What I love about these new times is not just the diversity of wisdom and grace that is showering on all of us from every direction, but the ways that we are open to listen and to hear each other with respect.  We come to recognize that our wisdom is made visible in our openess to listen more than our capacity to speak.

I was invited recently by a new friend named Linda Pannell, to participate in a new teleseminar series.  It started on October 21st, but has hardly got started yet.  Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm through February 2010, Linda has invited some of the planet’s most inspiring, provocative, and visionary scientists, healers, spiritual leaders, and wisdom keepers to explore ways to navigate the immense individual, societal, global, and universal change toward creation of a  New Shared Future.

The series is titled Science, Spirituality, and the Sacred:  Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles.
Take a look at the line up of speakers here
These are all  Free, live events which you can join from your own home.  They are all recorded, so you also will have the chance to buy mp3s of the whole series.