Apples_228x291Well, dear friends, I’ve blogged about a lot of topics on this site over the last months, ranging from spiritual awakening, to the state of the economy, to how to deal with depression, etc.  But today there is really only one thing on my mind that I want to talk about with you more than any other, and that is: my liver.

For the last couple of years I’ve had some mild but reoccurring health problems: digestion, low energy etc.  So, as we are prone to do with low-lying conditions that don’t clear up, I’ve consulted with a number of practitioners.  Again and again, people have told me the same thing: do liver flushes.  It’s one of those things that I knew was a good idea, even though whenever it came down to it, I’d built up a wall of resistance.  I downloaded and read Andreas Moritz excellent book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.  But still, actually getting around to doing the dreadful deed always seemed like something better off done next weekend than this one.

Well, this Saturday night the rubber finally met the road, and the results have been so dramatic in many ways that I just have to share them with you.  I prepared for the liver flush last week by drinking 32 ounces of apple juice a day.  For those of you who are as unfamiliar with what that looks like, as I was, it is about a liter.  Or, in layman’s terms, “really a lot.”  The purpose, I’d been told, was to soften the stones already built up.  Finally on Saturday it came to the big day.  I ate very lightly for breakfast and lunch, and then around 6 o’clock I began drinking a solution of Epsom salts.  Ever tried drinking Epsom salts?  Take it from me, forget all about castor oil or herbalax, or anything else you may have considered to move things out of the colon.  Epsom salts takes the first prize.  Within an hour of the first glass you’ll want to keep the corridor between the sofa and the toilet completely uncluttered.

I took the epsom salt solution again at 8 pm.  Truthfully, by this time it seemed a little unnecessary.  The first glass was working overtime.  Moritz’s book also told me that the point of the Epsom salts isn’t just to empty the colon, which it did in the first hour, but to relax and open all of the ducts which lead from the liver and gallbladder into the intestines.  And then, at 10 pm on Saturday night, with a roll on the drums, I did “it.”  Standing by the side of my bed, I drunk down the potion I had dutifully concocted: half a cup of pure virgin olive oil, three quarters of a cup of pure squeezed grapefruit juice, and I threw in an anti-parasite formula for good measure.  Having drunk all that, I did what Moritz’s book told me to do several times in big, bold letters: I switched off the light and laid down on my back, absolutely still.  Within a few minutes I could feel the most extraordinary sensation in my upper right abdomen, as though marbles were being squeezed down a narrow but flexible tube.  I could feel them moving one after another, occasionally a little uncomfortable but also exhilarating. It was while that bizarre sensation was repeating, time after time, that I dropped off to sleep.
I was woken up early the next morning by an urgent call from my body, screaming something about epsom salts…bathroom…urgent.  Then came my moment of exhilaration…  triumph… relief.  It’s probably the closest that a male human-being comes to having a baby.  I had passed forty or fifty stones, each one about the size of a kidney bean.  I can’t describe to you the emotions that flooded through me as I looked at my litter.  I was sorely tempted to post photos of my newborn stones in this very blog, but my wife told me she would never speak to me again if I did.  Though a part of me wanted to name them, welcome them, there was also the dawning awareness  that these stones had been sitting in my body, maybe for decades, preventing my liver from doing what it is supposed to do.  I passed dozens more during the day.

andreasbookOK,  don’t tell me, I know this is a lot more information than you want or need, innocently checking out  my blog.  You were expecting to hear about oneness and awakening and everything, and you got more than you expected.  But the reason I am sharing all these details with you is because I feel completely different.  I took Sunday off to rest and meditate, and the depth of those meditations has been quite different.  My mind feels clear and sharp again, and that blanket of fatigue I have been carrying for several years has lifted. I can breath more deeply, my sense of taste, smell, and even vision has sharpened.

Moritz’s book informed me that the liver is responsible for over 500 functions in the healthy functioning body.  It cleans the blood, releases the enzymes that digest fat, it will even answer your e-mail and maintain your social calendar, but you have to keep it healthy.  I feel about ten years younger, and I recommend that you check it out to.  Here is a link to Moritz’s website where you can download his book.  If you have concerns about this process, as I did, you can also consult him over the web.