listAs another year approaches, imagine looking over a list of the things you’ve accomplished and other goals not yet attained.  In reflecting back over your year, the things you’ve done and the challenges you’ve faced, can you see on your list the undertaking of a life-changing spiritual journey?   If not, I would like to personally invite you to mark off a few days from your calendar to begin this journey on the Pacific Coast of California with me and the Integral Spiritual Experience teachers, along with hundreds of like-minds and friends from all around the globe.
I am honored to have been invited to be a part of Integral Life this coming December.  We will be looking at what it means to lead lives of deep and essential spiritual practice in the 21st century.  Often our lives are hectic and leave little time for us to do this sort of reflecting on our growth as human beings, our truest longings, and the gifts of our heart that we want to share with the world.  Attending the Integral Spiritual Experience is a second chance to add to your end-of-the-year list of accomplishments. We will be meeting new people who share our visions, learning about our unique self, loving and celebrating the New Year as a symbolic renewal of the amazing life we have been given.  We will be celebrating this yearly rebirth on the Asilomar property wildlife refuge right on the Pacific Ocean.  During this time there is a gray whale migration and the monarch butterfly, which the area is known for, is just beginning to hatch.  It will be an exquisite unity of nature’s offerings and our inner gifts that will be coming forth for this time together.

Lone Cyprus Tree California

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been touched and inspired by the vision of Integral Spirituality, which has managed to integrate the wisdom and practices of every major spiritual tradition, east and west, with the best of science, philosophy, and psychology, bringing them all together in a simple, easy to implement world spiritual philosophy.   I also plan on taking advantage of the wonderful events and entertainment offered throughout the entire course.

To learn more about the topic of this event, the Unique Self, listen to this free audio clip featuring Sally Kempton, Ken Wilber, Dr. Marc Gafni and Robb Smith.  You can also check out  these two video invitations featuring Diane Musho Hamilton and Marc Gafni.  The schedule is now available to download on the website.
Not surprisingly, the event was sold out the original capacity, however, due to the overwhelming interest, an additional 100 spots have just been added. Register now, they will go fast. I can’t wait to see you there.