This is a practice from my latest book: “Leap Before You Look.” This practice is chosen from the section “Community Practices.”


Meet on a regular basis with a group of friends who care about you,
And who care as much as you do about living translucently.
Make a commitment to support each other
In leaping out of the confines of old habit.
We all have our arenas where we are already transparent and flowing,
Where the divine gushes through us free of restriction.
And we all have our arenas of opacity,
Where we block the flow.
Be a support to each other.
Each person will have five to ten minutes to ask for support
In living more translucently.
That person will share where they feel blocked and restricted.
Then the whole group will decide
By unanimous consent
On a practice or several practices from this book
That person will do regularly till the next meeting.
Everyone must agree, including the one who is to do the practice.
Everyone should have a turn in the hot seat.