Here is a passage from my 2005 Bestseller, “The Translucent Revolution.”

translucent earth
In 1990 Václav Havel, the playwright who became president of the Czech Republic in 1993, told a joint session of the U.S. Congress, “Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better . . . and the catastrophe towards which this world is headed — the ecological, social, demographic, or general breakdown of civilization — will be unavoidable.”

We live at a pivotal time in human history. The dominant Iago trance state has never been so pervasive: economically, environmentally, politically, in the expression of religious fundamentalism — you name it; we have never been poised so perilously on the edge of the cliff. Read back over the list of Iago qualities defined in chapter 1; they define the state of today’s world. Certainly there has been greater cruelty, inequality, and imperialism in our history, but it has always been localized to a despotic regime here or an invasion there. Hitler, Genghis Khan, and Stalin may have yearned for global domination, but their insanity was isolated. Today the Iago cancer has become systemic rather than localized. The dominant paradigm affects everyone, seeming perpetrator and victim alike. We are all in this together. At the same time, every writer, teacher, researcher, and translucenton- the-street I have spoken with is aware of a countervailing “emerging paradigm,” with the potential to transform every sphere of life in every part of the world. The birth pangs of Homo lucidus may sometimes cause us to yearn for the familiar, but for most people it is too late. The head of the new human being has pushed through, and its first cries are already in the air. We are riding the crest of a worldwide wave whose consequences are unimaginable, and which holds perhaps the only real basis for optimism for our planet and its inhabitants. We can sense the possibility of a quality of life that has seldom been dreamed of. If we fail to take advantage of this opportunity, our present habits may well destroy us.

As a boy, I loved James Bond movies. Don’t groan, it’s a guy thing. The plot always followed the same basic template. A “bad guy,” usually very rich, greedy, and slightly mad, has malicious intentions to take over the world, causing widespread destruction in the process. Every one was a man, as I recall, with a name like Dr. No or Goldfinger. He usually heads up some sort of global clandestine corporation, often with a benevolent facade. His operatives are dark, inhuman, and robotic. And then there is Bond: suave, centered in his body, living totally in the moment, and free of fear. He is humorous, even in the face of death, and brings a lust for life to every situation.  Again and again, against all odds, Bond will save the world. Its usually a race against time. Will Dr. Destruction detonate his mother of all bombs and turn us all into plasma, or will James single-handedly wrestle hundreds of meanies to the ground and save the day? Bond always comes through, with seconds to spare, and the movie ends with yet another liaison with the goddess of the day. Dozens of movies in the last decades have had the same theme: Indiana Jones, Superman, even Austin Powers.

In one way these far-fetched scenarios have prepared us for the situation we face at the start of this new millennium. The threat to our world’s stability comes from a collective expression of greed, most pointedly embodied by global corporations, which put profit before integrity. Like Bond, translucents are heavily outnumbered. But also like Bond, they are sleek, sexy, cool-headed, humorous, and increasingly activated toward social change. So here we sit, on the edge of our seats, at the last and most gripping act of the movie. Will we see life as we know it irreparably mutilated by corporate greed and fundamentalists bent on proving themselves right and the enemy-of-the-month wrong? Or are we finally at the dawn of a collective shift into sanity? No point in twiddling our thumbs in anticipation, the final pages of the script are still being written, and you and I have been handed the job of finishing it off.

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