This is a practice from my latest book: “Leap Before You Look.” This practice is chosen from the section “Meditation Practices.”

In the midst of your busy day, when there seem to be so many things to do,
Stop moving, stop talking,
Stop what you are doing, and feel.
Hold your body in the same position.
Feel this moment just as it is. Hear the sounds.
Notice the sensations in the body.
Notice the speed and texture of your thoughts.
Remain like this for sixty seconds.
See? The world around you continues, even without your involvement.
Who are you now, outside of the game?
Now continue with your day.

It is easy to make a big deal out of awakened states of consciousness. They must be the fruit of long years of practice, or the domain of a few spiritual masters. In fact, if you are really interested in living an awakened life, then what you are longing for is already here, just one flight down from the usual routine of daily tasks. There is no need to become anything, or change anything, or heal anything. Just stop and notice the screen on which the flickering images are being projected, notice the luminosity that is projecting them.

That is who you truly are.

The mind is constantly rushing back and forward in time: it is busy with desires, fears, and deadlines. Like a computer that can never be switched off, the mind endlessly tries to make reality bow to its agenda. When the mind machine is behind the wheel of our day-to-day life, then everything is about getting somewhere else, somewhere other than we already are. There is no way out of that machine from within the activity of the machine. The mind can never bring us to presence: it simply makes being in the present moment into a concept about the future. “Later, when I am enlightened, then I will be fully here.”

The doorway to sanity is always in this very moment, right here, right now. If you stop what you are doing and become present, the whole energy changes. The momentum of the thought machine is suddenly broken, and you are just here, with things as they are. This simple practice disrupts the patterns of the mind just long enough to remember the sweetness of things as they already are. Use this practice several times a day until it becomes habitual.

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