aurora-trails-727715-gaI remember a few years ago I learned how to ski.  I had never learned how to ski as a young man or as a child because I lived in England where there is not a lot of skiing, so I learned this when I moved to the Sierra Nevada Mountains about 10 years ago.  I remember the first time I got on the ski lift with the instructor, and went to the top of the mountain.  You get off the lift and look down and it is a really long way down to the lodge and the slope was pretty steep, steeper than anything I had ever tried before.  I was scared.  I wanted to get back on the ski lift and be the only person on the ski resort that day going back down on the lift.  But my instructor, who was a young man from New Zealand, was very confident in a relaxed way.

He said, “Don’t worry, it’s fine.  It’s easy.”  He said, “just turn your skis this way and lean into your right foot, now you will go this way, now turn.”  He just guided me down.

The most important thing about the way he did it was not what he told me to do, but an atmosphere of certainty, which he communicated to me through his demonstration, presence and energy that I could do this, and that it was a piece of cake.  This type of atmosphere of Inspired Certainty is for the most part what supports us to live from brilliance.

If you remember back when you where a child, perhaps you had a school teacher or a friend, perhaps a grandparent, who had absolute confidence in your capacity to do something; play a musical instrument, excel at sports.  And I am sure if you look back it was somebody like that, somebody who had absolute faith in you who could inspire you to perform your very best.  I’d love to hear your stories about who believed in you from the very start, and made you who you are today.

An Awakening Coach is trained how to hold an atmosphere of Inspired Certainty for a client, but in this case, the Inspired Certainty which the coach holds is not your capacity to excel in sports, make money, or even to be your best as a leader.  The Inspired Certainty  the coach holds in this circumstance, is the certainty of who you really are, deeper than the stories held in your mind.

Most human beings suffer from a condition of mistaken identity.  Most of us, most of the time, take ourselves to be our past, to be a story or a bunch of beliefs and limitations, and so we live our life that way.

An Awakening Coach holds the vision of who you truly are, deeper than anything your mind tells you. Once you drop into the realization of that certainty it may come as quite a surprise to find out the infinite expansion of your true nature, to discover the infinite field of possibilities.

Inspired Certainty is the first core competency an Awakening Coach is trained in, in a very relaxed and doubt-free way:  to hold absolute inspired certainty for the full potential of the client in a much deeper way than they would usually understand that.

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