A couple of weeks ago we just got done with out latest Awakening Coaching Training.  This was the entry level course: which we call ‘Basic Skills.’  I can’t hold back a moment longer from sharing with you what has been going on.

It was jet lag city: we had participants present from seven different times zones, so just as Miss Australia was perking up, Mr UK and Ms Norway were falling asleep, with Hawaii, California and Michigan caught in the middle.  To add to it all, on day 2 of the five day course I woke up …  with the flu.  Full on: headache, fever, aching everything.  Usually I’m a homeopathic, lemon and ginger, let-it-run-its-course kind of a guy.  But this was no time for alternative approaches, I dosed up on NyQuil and Tylenol and every other kind of nasty drug that Long’s would legally sell me.  I had people from all over the world shown up here, and it was no time to lie in bed.

So, with all that, you might anticipate that the training went off so-so.  If I told you we made it through in one piece, that would be a success.  But no, dear friends, it was a miracle. It was beyond everyone’s expectations.  And it happened despite us, despite our flu and jet lag and despite our personal lives, not because of us.

studentsThe participants in the Basic Skills course learned the Six Core Competencies of Awakening Coaching.  They learned how to be absolutely present, free from internal and external distractions, in a coaching context with each other.  They learned how to facilitate “Radical Awakening” with another person, helping them to leap totally out of the dimension of thinking, evaluating, judging, out of desire and fear, regret and clinging into a fresh, open and empowered relationship to what is here now.  They learned how to facilitate “Radical Releasing,” where they help a fellow student / client, experience the core contractions which keep us stuck in reactivity rather than presence, and how to liberate those charges free from any story.

I am blown away by what happened for those people, between those people, and what those people from all over the world are now ready to pass on to others.  Some of them have sent me profuse expressions of gratitude…  but hey, excuse me, I had the flu!  I cant take any credit here.  Who-over they are trying to thank, I have also been trying to thank for many years, but no-one can discover the e mail address of our benefactor.

Most of the participants there were professional coaches, consultants or OD experts.  They are fully equipped to go back to their clients and share everything they have learned into their work.  Now that a couple of weeks have passed, the greatest challenge they report back to me is how to explain the “benefits” of awakening to a mainstream business audience.

People want “benefits.”  It is understandable.  We want to see an upgrade on the airline seat, and the stereo and the car and the house  Once we’ve got some of all that, then we want an upgrade on our friends, our relationship, our sex life.  And finally we want to upgrade our thoughts, our feelings, our personalities.  “I want to be a better me!”    We are so busy rushing headlong to a better tomorrow, that we overlook the perfection of today.  That is the multi billion dollar world of self improvement, which thrives on the fact that we feel not enough, that we feel cut off from ourselves and each other and from life itself.  “Like a fish in the water, crying out ‘I’m thirsty, like the son of a rich man, begging door to door…”

Even a small drop of awakening pops the bubble on trying to fix and improve everything.  It opens to door to everyday blessings, and transforms our relationship to life from one of consumption to one of contribution. We discover that just below the veneer of our needs and ambitions there is a magnificent gift wanting to be given, out loud, standing on the table, with the volume cranked.

Ironically, these fledgling Awakening Coaches are discovering a secret.  When you abandon the struggle for more and better and different, and relax into your already vast and limitless presence in this moment,  things evolve and get better and better all on their own.  Relax into yourself, where you need nothing from anyone, and relationships get better.   Relax into the stillness and vastness of your own true nature, and things come to you on their own.  “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven,” said the Master Jesus, “and all else will be added unto you.”

But these magnificent new coaches are quickly finding their voice.  I want you to join me and some of these Awakening Coaching graduates for a free tele-seminar on July 1st  (Wednesday) at 10am PST  ( 1 pm EST, 6pm in UK and 7 pm in Europe).  If you can’t make it, you can catch the recording.  I will share with you the six core competencies of Awakening Coaching, and bring some of our graduates onto the line to share with you what they have been up to.

Register here.

Catch you then!