Imagine this.
The young heir of enormous fortune goes out for an evening with his friends. They go to a fabulous restaurant and eat all kinds of great food. They go to a club and dance. They stay out till the small hours of the morning, when our hero stumbles out into the parking lot, in a disoriented condition, to find his car. Unfortunately he trips on a pothole in the parking lot, falls to the ground and bangs his head. He is knocked out for just a few moments, but when he comes around he’s forgotten everything; who he is and where he is, and above all, he’s forgotten the fact that he has access to unlimited wealth.

Of course now he doesn’t know which is his car, where his home is or anything else. So he stumbles off into the city and becomes a homeless person. When a person is homeless their life becomes about survival. How can I get enough for me to make it through another day? But being a smart young man, our hero learns some tricks. He discovers that some homeless people do much better than others at procuring what they need. Some even do very well indeed. He goes to ask the most successful of all the homeless people how they manage. “I will share with you a great secret,” says Bob, one of the most accomplished. “A secret that only very few homeless people know. It is a secret that you can never share with anyone…”  Bob goes ahead and shares the hidden mysteries of when the very best restaurants put out their left over food at night. Bob tells him where to go, when to be there, what to look for.
Now our hero is happy as a clam. He feels reborn. Now he knows the secret to being a healthy, wealthy and happy homeless person.

But of course there is a much bigger secret than that. It is a secret for him to remember. The real secret is not about how he can get stuff in his current condition of amnesia. The real secret, of course, is who he really is, where he comes from, and what is his rightful inheritance.
If I say any more, I’m going to spoil the story.
So chew on it.

The hero of this story is you.