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from The Translucent Revolution, New World Library, 2005:

Millions of people have now had an awakening glimpse into their real
nature. The experience may not be stable, but it can never be overlooked
again. It is not the access that challenges us now, but the actualization of it
in our daily lives. David Deida, the prolific writer and teacher, calls such a
glimpse a “poking through.” To Deida, these moments are fleeting, almost
inconsequential in and of themselves. “I think it’s far more important what
people do, given the ‘poke through.’ How, given a glimpse, they dedicate their
occupation, their attention. Otherwise, that glimpse is fleeting and useless.”
Without this essential, pivotal awakening there can be no real depth to
life. We live preoccupied with hallucinations. After suffering the endless
slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, it’s a relief to know a dimension of
reality where nothing is happening, where we know ourselves to be essential
peace, where we are connected with everything, a state where love rules